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The hits of Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Madonna and other pop icons sounded in the series "Pose".
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Songs 1-15 of 98
 Pretty Poison - Nightime (04:18, 192Kb/s)
 Suzi Lane - Harmony (07:01, 256Kb/s)
 Donna Summer, Jacques Greene - On The Radio (05:58, 320Kb/s)
 Laid Back - White Horse (03:56, 320Kb/s)
 Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room (08:12, 320Kb/s)
 Cherrelle, Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love (06:31, 320Kb/s)
 Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait (07:23, 320Kb/s)
 Bernard Herrmann - I Still Can't Sleep / The Cannot Touch Her (Betsy's Theme) (04:31, 320Kb/s)
 Diana Ross - Swept Away (05:26, 320Kb/s)
 Trinere - They're Playing Our Song (04:17, 320Kb/s)
 Ryuichi Sakamoto - Loneliness (01:31, 320Kb/s)
 Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (09:54, 320Kb/s)
 Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (06:53, 320Kb/s)
 Donna Summer - Bad Girls (03:53, 320Kb/s)
 Billy Porter, Our Lady J, MJ Rodriguez, Pose Cast - Home feat. MJ Rodriguez, Billy Porter and Our Lady J) (03:39, 320Kb/s)
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