Steel Panther bassist drops out of tour to enter ‘sex rehab’
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"We can’t wait for him to get back on the road with us after he learns how to have better sex."

Lexxi Foxx, the bassist in hair metal revivalists Steel Panther, has dropped out of the band’s upcoming US tour after being admitted to ‘sex rehab’.

An official statement from the band reads: “California rock and party legends Steel Panther have survived a career of living a decadent lifestyle surrounded by loud music, fast cars and beautiful women.”

“That lifestyle of debauchery and proclivity towards random sexual encounters has finally caught up with the band’s bassist. Lexxi Foxx has voluntarily checked himself in to an undisclosed sex rehab.”

Drummer Stix Radinia added: ““We love Lexxi Foxx… and his mother. We support his decision to enter sex rehab. We can’t wait for him to get back on the road with us after he learns how to have better sex.”

The band’s doorman Spyder, a friend of over 30 years, has been recruited as the stand-in bassist for their ongoing tour dates.

Steel Panther continue their tour in Cleveland tomorrow (December 4), and will play through to December 10 in Cincinatti.

This summer the band came under fire for sexism after teaming up with audio company TC Electronic to create the ‘Pussy Melter’ preset guitar pedal effect.

The effect was discontinued by TC after an online backlash, however the band later revealed that they would release the pedal themselves.

Earlier this year, the band told NME they would have played Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Fuck yeah!” guitarist Russell ‘Satchel’ Parrish said. “I’d do anything, as long as the money’s right.”

03/12/2018 20:50:43
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