Marika Hackman shares oddly explicit video for “wank anthem” ‘Hand Solo’
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Dildo in the The Pentagon, anyone?

Marika Hackman has released the video for her “wank anthem” ‘Hand Solo’ – and it’s oddly explicit.

Taken from her recent album ‘Any Human Friend’, the video for Hackman’s new single is directed by Sam Bailey and features a montage of everyday objects being suggestively stroked.

From clothing pegs and seashells to bigger objects like The Pentagon and even planet Earth, Hackman and Bailey came up with the tongue-in-cheek idea but the hands were directed by Evie Fehilly, a sex educator who runs sex-positive workshops in London at famous sex shop SH!.

“Despite the video being quite fun, I wanted to make a serious point at the end, after the world explodes in its orgasm, that masturbation is still for many women perceived as something shameful and embarrassing – the moment of shame after the ecstasy,” Hackman said of the video (via DIY).

Watch the video for ‘Hand Solo’ below:

Speaking to NME in August, Hackman revealed that her mother actually helped her pen ‘Hand Solo’.

“It was probably the second time I’d rung her that day and I was like, ‘Urgh, I’m just really bored and I’m already struggling and I can’t write the lyrics,’” Hackman says. She was like, ‘Let me help you out. I’m quite good at this.’ And I said, ‘Okay, it’s a song about masturbating.’ She was like, ‘Oh, for god’s sake Marika!’ But she was really helpful, she gave me all of this gold to Google.”

This “gold” inspired lines including: “I gave it all/But under patriarchal law/I’m gonna die a virgin.” It’s just one example of ‘Any Human Heart’s’ darkly comic turns spawned from an oppressive context. “As a queer woman I find the idea that sex is penetration really interesting,” Hackman says. “It’s like, who’s to tell anyone what sex is? It’s so much broader than that. Technically, if that’s the way we’re doing it, then I will die a virgin. I’m an incredibly sexual being so that’s obviously not the case.”

28/09/2019 12:31:33
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