Troye Sivan opens up about dealing with his sexuality: “I was terrified of it”
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"Coming out as gay is one thing. And then coming out as the person you want to be is a whole other separate journey."

Troye Sivan has spoken about his early difficulties in coming to terms with being gay in a new interview.

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar Australia, the ‘My My My!’ singer said: “Coming out as gay is one thing. And then coming out as the person you want to be is a whole other separate journey. Growing up in a society where I didn’t want to be gay for the first 15 years of my life, I was terrified of it.

“That’s still in there and I’m personally trying to work it out. I’m enjoying this process of pushing myself, figuring out – am I into this? Am I not? There are no rules.”

Sivan had revealed to the world that he was gay on his YouTube channel in 2013, and admitted he’s often found it difficult linking his sexuality as part of his artistic identity. “I never set out to be this gay pop idol,” he stated in the interview. “I remember all these young girls coming to my shows and thinking, ‘I know they know I’m gay, so why are they coming? They must like the music — awesome.’

“And then after ‘My My My!’ and ‘Bloom’ had come out, suddenly those first few rows got younger, but at the back of the venue there were older gay guys and I was thinking, ‘This is an interesting shift.’ But it’s never been something I’ve strived for. I’m just grateful that people care.”

The artist recently starred in a spectacular music video with Charli XCX for their track ‘2099’. The clip from her new album ‘Charli’ was directed by Bradley&Pablo, and shows the pair – who previously duetted on ‘1999’, also included on the new record – driving jet skis around while showing off a variety of impressive stunts.

08/10/2019 23:03:18
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