Free Lorde: Fans start mock online campaign to break singer out of jail
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Lorde‘s fans have started a not-so-serious campaign to free the singer from prison, after New Zealand’s opposition party proposed a divisive school policy.

Last week, local reports claimed the opposition National party was considering the idea of fining the parents of early-school leavers NZ$3,000 if it won next year’s election. The fine would be enforced on the parents of students who were not going onto further study or employment. At present, it is legal to leave school at 16 in New Zealand.

The proposal was slammed by critics as excessive, with many singling out Lorde in their examples.

She was a student at Auckland’s Takapuna grammar school until 2013, when she left following the release of debut album ‘Pure Heroine’.

Mocking the proposal, her fans bombarded Twitter with an array of memes which jokingly expressed concern that the Grammy-award singer could face jail time or a hefty fine.

“LORDE did not put her heart and soul into Royals for y’all to send her ass to prison. PERIOD,” wrote one fan.

the stans trying to airlift lorde out of prison #FreeLORDE

— seth (@sthrvs) October 8, 2019

lorde running away from guards after escaping from her prison cell

— hasan (@metreskun) October 8, 2019

infiltrating the security room in the new zealand prison to help lorde escape #FreeLORDE

— ????????????????, jus (@supercutofjus) October 8, 2019

Another joked: “Looks like we’ll be getting some fuck the police vibes in the next album.”

And others were just keen to hear some new music.

“She’s not going to jail thou, but RELEASE SOME MUSIC WHEREVER YOU ARE, GURL! You dropped school for a good reason, keep it real,” they wrote.

Ultimately though, fans can rest easy. Lorde isn’t behind bars, but is instead working on the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed ‘Melodrama’.

The singer, real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor, confirmed on Instagram earlier this year that her third record is “in the oven”.

Announcing the news in a post that celebrated the second anniversary of ‘Melodrama‘, the singer praised fans for how they “took that record and made it your own”.

Me visiting Lorde in jail #FreeLORDE

— Olivia Cardinale (@oliviacardinale) October 8, 2019


Literally no one:

Lorde stans: #FreeLORDE

— STREAM EUPHORIA SOUNDTRACK BITCHES (@nervycat) October 8, 2019

“Swells my damn heart thinking about your love for it and your willingness to go there with me and to dance the way we did together,” she wrote.

“The day it came out I did a jigsaw puzzle all day in my hotel room in NY. I felt so emptied, I didn’t really know yet that you make a record and get filled up and then realising it empties you and then slowly fills you up again.”

Confirming the start of work on her next album, she said: “It’s a good life you’ve given me, thankyou thankyou. Third one in the oven.”

This comes after the singer said last year that she was thinking about the contents of her third album and teased the possibility of some piano-based tracks.

10/10/2019 14:53:42
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